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" The I.T world is a Galaxy there,s no limite/end of capacities.

Before the advent of the twenty-first century the galaxy had several rising stars, & with being the begining of twenty-first century there are a number of many other rising stars in the galaxy which are shining with full lustre & dignity today. i.e msn, yahoo, bing, google, facebook, skype, twitter, whatsapp / amazon, ebay, alibaba, etc.

Man has been the natural choice as the innovation, that keeps seeking always new things.

The second is the nature of man that he is tired of things quickly get it.

He is always attracted by new things coming soon & try to get them.

Yesterday was one of his favorites, he does not look at it today. Similarly the things yesterday on top, today we find them at bottom.

This nature of human is the motive of inventions & contrivances.

The continuous change in the world portraying human that nature.

Similarly the I.T world is also representing & portraying human same nature.

With each passing moment moving out new avenues in this world, & new trends are showing growing.

To make humans life more easier, faster & to bring them closer & closer, in this world different innovations are happening.

Things yesterday they had no idea, today they have become an integral part of life.

Similarly upcoming tomorrow is looking forward to more innovations.

Keeping that vision & passion in mind we have tried also to enter in this great Galaxy".

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